"We contacted David at the last minute, to help us produce a quick "happy retirement" video for one of our retiring executives. He was very responsive and graciously agreed to do the video over the weekend. We were very happy with the video file we received. He looks JUST LIKE George Clooney! We showed the video during our gala that Monday evening, for our entire leadership group. When the video started, there was an audible gasp throughout the crowd. Everyone, especially our retiring executive, loved it! Thank you for adding a very special touch to our celebration!"

~ Cindy R., Event Planner

"Our company was attending a large convention in Las Vegas and wanted to make a big impression. Having David in our booth was exactly what we were looking for. David was professional and engaging and absolutely looked the part. All of the attendees loved having their picture taken with him resulting in a wonderful flow of traffic to our booth. Prior to the convention, David was quick to respond and offered many helpful suggestions to help us maximize his presence at the event. David was a wonderful addition to our trade show booth and we would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to make a lasting impression. Thanks, David!"

~Kendra N, LeaderStat

"Thank you! David was such a great addition to our event! He looked amazing, and had a lot of people in attendance (as well as Instagram) fooled! A++++"

~Erin Y., New York, NY

"Amazing, professional and really is George's clone! We had a very satisfying, authentic and amazing experience with David. He is smart, funny, handsome and easily passes as the real deal! He is professional, reliable, funny and follows directions to a "t"! He spent extra time with us to ensure his performance was flawless and impeccable ( as it was!) . He was on point with all the messages We wanted to convey with his skillful style. Highly recommended! We are going to book him again and encourage you to do so too!"

~Mona D., New York, NY

"We worked with David on a video series for a large client, and he did a phenomenal job. Not only is David a sharp looking guy, but he can deliver lines and take direction like a pro. We spent 12 hours filming in-studio and David kept the energy up all day. It was a pleasure working with and directing him for this project. David is very talented, and an all around great guy. I was happy, the crew was happy, and most importantly the client was happy."

~Brian Cristiano - CEO/Creative Director, BOLD Worldwide

"David was the consummate professional. A true pleasure to work with on my shoot in Los Angeles. Punctual, flexible, an all around great attitude."

~Joyce Pensato, Visual Artist Petzel Gallery, New York

"I worked with David when he filmed a commercial for me for our client the NH Lottery. The concept was based on Ocean's Eleven and he was spot on. He was the ultimate professional – bringing a variety of wardrobe, arriving on time with the right attitude and look and sounded so much like George Clooney that I actually had people question if it really was George.
He is extremely talented, so easy to work with and gives 150%. I would strongly recommend him for any job that he applies for. We have kept in touch ever since the shoot and each day I am more and more impressed with his level of commitment, talent, and character."

~ Rose Longo-White, Broadcast Producer, Griffin York & Krause

"Great impersonator, loved working with him here in Vegas, very professional. No drama!"

~ Janet V.

"I have worked with David many times and he is awesome, great guy and a great friend, very out going and professional. He is a home run as George Clooney."

~ Ryan F

"As an event planner who has hired" look-alikes" in the past, David as George Clooney was by far the best!  We brought him from NY to Boston so that he could  make a surprise appearance at a 50th birthday party. I had sent him information about my client to work into some type of clever toast.  David's delivery was fabulous and he successfully wove every fact about this woman into his speech. He stayed to chat with all of the guests and, of course, had pictures taken with all. Last, but certainly not least, David was punctual, charming ( like George!) and an absolute pleasure to work with!"

~ Janie Haas, President of Janie Haas Events